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When desire means design

Unlock your potential, develop your best self, and make the world a better place.


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The Impact Plan includes a canvas and a deck of cards with stimuli that will allow you to better assess the impact of challenges, projects or activities.


After an extended round of testing which allowed an incredible number of betterments, the Impact Plan is available under a Creative Commons BY NC ND licence. You can download the canvas (A1) and the deck of 19 cards. We would be really grateful if you could credit the tool when appropriate and share your experience with it!

Organisational projects

The Corporate version will soon be available, with a post-purpose approach at its heart, relevant for both small and big brands. Sign up if you want to know when it's ready. 

Mapping the Value of Projects

When having to choose between several project briefs, life challenges or work activities, we usually consider the budget, the time frame, the relationship with the people involved, and the essence of each of the projects to select the right one.

Also, more often than not, we get just one brief, but its problem to solve is so broad and open to so many nuances that one feels overwhelmed, dragged into difficult decisions and anxious moments. The trouble is that without a supporting framework, we are often unaware of the full ramifications of a new project, namely how it can become a more or less pleasurable, meaningful and impactful challenge in the short, mid and long run. 

The Impact Plan helps us identify the value and purpose of projects considering three main moments:


Self- and instant reward

Complete your projects anticipating the impact these will have in your short-term plans.


Independence and esteem outcome

Look ahead. Anticipate the impact that the activity/project may have on your future situation, career and intentions.


Humanity-centred impact

Let desires, interests and needs take you toward designing and achieving a solution for a wider problem.


What people [already] say

Anyone who pays attention to the news knows that the world is facing multiple crises. Many of us ask, what can I do to help? If you are one of those people, The Impact Plan is the book for you. It provides you with powerful, yet easy-to-use tools that guide you through the hero’s journey, so you can successfully attack some of the world’s major problems, while still being yourself, an ordinary person in extraordinary times.

Don Norman, author of 'The Design of Everyday Things'

and 'Design for a Better World'

Organise an Impact Planning Workshop

Get your class or team together and have a go in anticipating the impact your next steps can lead you on to. The workshops follow, mostly, the dynamics and activities proposed in the book.

Free copies, discount codes and handouts will be included.


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