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Systematic impact planning

The Impact Plan is much more than a canvas and a deck of cards.

The book provides a definitive yet flexible framework that will guide creative and innovation-led professionals to make impact-oriented decisions, helping them determine which will have the most significant impact on their careers, businesses, or even on humanity as a whole.

Initially formulated with designers in mind, The Impact Plan evolved to help industry and academia professionals (of any area of knowledge) cycle through potential contexts and influences, to determine the impact these may have on both the involved individuals and humanity. Moving through the fundamentals of design thinking and decision-making, The Impact Plan: Rethinking Today, Remaking Tomorrow, Designing a Better World gives the reader a playful structure for the craft of thinking and planning, and for prioritising project-based activities and experiences.

The impact hero's journey


Screenshot 2022-10-05 at


The impact hero looking ahead


The hero's journey

Hero stories illuminate your true purpose in four ways, which inspired the whole structure and the four chapters of this book.

Determining impact

There is a moment of pre-engagement with something that may become a project (or not), a “zero moment of truth” of design thinking that no one has been paying attention to.

Short and long term speculation

The book includes several activities to zoom out and to think what the effects of our today projects can be on future societies. It doesn’t make you predict

the future. It guides you through possibilities, not probabilities.

Sustainable Development Goals

The book helps you align the project(s) with the United Nations' 17 SDGs. And proposes a new one! :)

The book's playlist

The Impact Plan Book’s playlist was put together on YouTube for your convenience. It has been thought as an additional level of meaning.

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Screenshot 2022-10-05 at 21.02.28.png

Five contexts of impact

Use the tool like a boardgame to navigate through its different contexts. These will help you anticipate the impact of your projects.

Bonus content

Check this section every now and then. Additional materials will appear here for our loyal impact planners, should you wish to download them. Some of them are locked, though... You just have to find the access codes in your book.


These A4 boards replace the canvas if you struggle with large formats. They are also way more flexible in the sense that you can rearrange and move around the five coloured contexts of impact in whatever order that suits you best. This version includes links to each specific SDG.


To open this file use the last word on page 91, plus the page number.


The open-to-download version includes 19 cards. The book includes a bonus one. Get the 20 cards of your book in digital format.

To open this file use the first word of the last paragraph on page 92.


Ikigai (/ˈɪkɪɡʌɪ/) is a Japanese concept that brings together the terms iki, which means life, and gai, which means worthwhile or benefit. When combined, these terms mean something that could be translated as what gives your life worth or meaning. This handout helps you find your ikigai.

To open this file use the first word on the title of page 34.


The Impact Plan is just one tool that promotes the craft of thinking. It is part of a much bigger ecosystem, filled with other techniques and methods that will help you move on to find your best approaches (HOW) and both the ideation and the development of possible outputs (WHAT).

The book The Impact Plan is available at:


The Impact Plan workshops

These are either a one or a two-day workshop, depending on your needs (and projects). The workshops are delivered both in academia (with staff or students) and in industry settings, regardless of the specialism or sector.

Get in touch if you want to know more.

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